Weekly Bible Readings

February marks the beginning of our fifth year reading through the Bible.  Like previous years, we will have a theme, a major focus around which to revolve our readings and guide us into deeper understandings of the Bible's contents.  This year we will revolve our readings on relationships. We can learn from the different relationships in the Bible to help us learn how to develop a deeper relationship with God and how to better our personal relationships with the people we know.        

  • February 17 - Genesis 48-50

  • February 18 - Exodus 1-3

  • February 19 - Exodus 4-6

  • February 20 - Exodus 7-9

  • February 21 - Exodus 10-12

  • February 22 - Exodus 13-15

  • February 23 - Exodus 16-18

  • February 24 - Exodus 19-21

    Monthly grocery giveaway

"I was hungry and you gave me something to eat" - Matthew 25:31-46

We believe Jesus’ perfect obedience to God allows his life and teachings to show us how to truly be human, to be the people God designed us to be.  Because of our belief about Jesus’ life, we also believe that we should try to be like him.  We consequently spend time reading our Bible’s to see what kinds of things characterized his attitudes and his actions.  Even a quick reading of the Bible’s presentation of Jesus’ life reveals one consistent character - he lovingly served people.  For us to be like Jesus, we have to develop the same genuine, selfless love for people that he modeled.

Our Jesus-motivated love of the people in our community drives us to try to serve them in whatever ways we can.  So, on the second Thursday of each month, beginning at 6 pm, we offer free bags of groceries to anyone who needs them or wants them. 

Our next giveaway will be

February 27, 6 pm




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