The Mount Vernon Church of Christ is a diverse family of people united together by Jesus.  We are a family seeking to live humble, sincere, and meaningful lives by both serving God and serving the people around us.

 We invite you to join our family!

Who We Are


We acknowledge that we have inherited a particular religious heritage, but we believe that, regardless of our history, we must define ourselves by our conformity to the example and teachings of Jesus.  We therefore seek to trace everything we believe and everything we do back to him.


What We Do

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Jesus taught that relationships form the heart of God's expectations for his followers.  Our focus on being like Jesus thus motivates us to develop our relationships with God, with one another, and with our community by learning to become selfless, compassionate, serving, and loving people.


Why We Do It


The goal of becoming more and more like Jesus in our thinking and in our behavior requires a strong motivator, which we find in our growing love for Jesus.  We cultivate our love for him by developing our understandings of the Bible, which reveals and explains his life, his teachings, and his self-sacrifice.